Partner pregnant? Are you a new dad?

Being a dad is easier with these free tips, tools and links.

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The Focus on New Fathers program provides helpful tips and tools through a free text message-based service called SMS4dads. It doesn't matter whether you're a first-time dad, a dad to be or your family is growing. This program is for all co-parents, regardless of gender.

Dads, you're eligible if:

  • you live in the Northern NSW, Murrumbidgee, Northern Sydney or Western Sydney local health district and have a NSW postcode.*
  • your partner is 12 weeks or more pregnant
  • your baby is six months or younger
  • you are 18 years or older

* Dads - if you live outside these areas you're still eligible. Just register via the Tresillian website

Frequently asked questions

You may have some questions about the program. Here are more than 20 answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Program support

NSW Health and the University of Newcastle have partnered to deliver the program. The Commonwealth Government has funded the program under the Health Innovation Fund. Focus on New Fathers will be independently evaluated by the Parenting Research Centre

For health professionals

SMS4dads offers a three-week trial service for health professionals. During the trial, health professionals will receive some of the same messages dads receive. The trial's aim is to better understand the SMS4dads service and be able to refer and explain it to clients. Register for the three-week trial.

This Focus on New Fathers program poster has been created for GPs to use as a conversation starter with patients. We encourage you to print this poster and pin it up on the wall, next to your desk.

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