Transcript for: Focus on New Fathers Program.

Brendan: When I first became a dad, I thought I had it all worked out. But didn't.

Jose: Everything is madness, everything is just happening. You know, the first three months are tough.

Text on screen: Healthy child development starts early and dads have an important part to play.

Ian: It's a special role in life and I'll always be happy to be a father.

Text on screen: As a new dad, sometimes it's hard to see the forest for the trees.

Brendan: Men and dads aren't an island. You know, they need support. So it's good to have as much network around you where you can lean on that support.

Ian: I think if you bring them up as being the best human being as they possibly can be, living by a few basic principles of caring and loving for each other they will turn out to be somoene you can be really proud of when they take life on their own.

Jose: Not being afraid of asking the question to other fathers, other parents has been the best thing I did.

Text on screen: Handy tips, tools and links for new dads and dads to be, sent via SMS4dads.

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