To the next level - State of the NSW Public Sector Report 2015The State of the NSW Public Sector Report has established a baseline against which to assess, over time, the performance of the sector in a number of key areas. Last year’s report focused on the significant work underway to establish new ways of working by streamlining structures and building skills.

The theme of the report in 2015 is reflected in the title – To the next level – which emphasises that whilst substantial progress has been made with workforce reform there is still considerable work to done in taking the sector’s management of people to the next level.

Notable milestones in public sector reform include:

  • putting in place the foundations for major workforce reform
  • agencies starting to use new policy settings, frameworks and tools
  • reshaping how executives are employed and remunerated
  • focusing on developing leadership skills across the sector
  • ensuring agencies were operating within their Labour Expense Caps
  • reversing the decade-long growth of the sector, reducing it by 6,000 roles since 2012
  • employing more people in front-line nursing, teaching and police roles
  • improving Aboriginal representation in the sector.

The Public Service Commissioner encourages you to read both the State of the NSW Public Sector Report 2015 and the Workforce Profile Report 2015. The reports help those in the sector and the broader community to understand where the sector is at, where it is going and how it is progressing on that journey.

The Public Service Commission values your thoughts and feedback about the report, which can be done via an anonymous online survey or e-mailed to ​​​​

Current as at: Monday 23 November 2015