How the Census works: Aug 1 approaches - Estimated 7 million (70%) recieve a letter; an estimated 3 million (30%) recieve a paper form. August 9 is census night. August 17 a reminder is sent. August 26 a field officer visits. Please complete your census. Census of Population and Housing is Australia’s largest statistical collection undertaken by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. For more than 100 years, the Census has provided a snapshot of Australia, showing how our nation has changed over time and allowing us to plan for the future.

The aim of the Census is to collect accurate data on the key characteristics of the people in Australia on Census night, and the places in which they live. The information collected in the Census helps estimate Australia’s population and this information is used to distribute government funds and plan services for the community – including health!

There’s still time to complete your census.

The ABS online form is running smoothly and securely. Please complete it online or in paper form. You will not be fined for completing the Census after Census night.

If you have your Census letter and would like to order a paper form, please call the 24hr paper request form service on 1300 820 275. If you haven’t received your household’s Census materials, a Field Officer will visit you soon.

For more information, please visit the Census website.

Current as at: Monday 5 September 2016