Articles and reports

  • Quality of life impact of cardiovascular and affective conditions among older residents from urban and rural communities. Health Qual Life Outcomes 2013, 11:140
  • Split questionnaire designs: Are they an effective design choice. Proceedings of the International Statistical Institute Meeting, 2013, Hong Kong.
  • Telephone surveys provide reliable information on risk behaviours and health status of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people ANZJPH 02/2013; 37(1):91.
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Data requests

  • Access to the 2002-2012 adult dataset for profiling of clustered risk behaviours.
  • Access to the 2009 adult dataset for evaluating the effectiveness of a split questionnaire design.
  • Access to the 2007-2012 child dataset for comparing the results from the ARCHER study with results from the NSW Child Population Health Survey.
  • Access to the 2010 adult dataset to examine predictors of influenza vaccination uptake among people with asthma.
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