The 2014 School Students Health Behaviour Survey is the eleventh survey in a series that commenced in 1984.

In 2014, data for this survey were collected from 112 secondary schools, including schools in the Government, Independent and Catholic education sectors. In total, 5,353 12–17 year old students completed the survey between July and December 2014. Schools were stratified by the three education sectors and randomly selected from each sector to ensure the distribution of schools in the three sectors was reflected in the sample. Two samples were drawn to distinguish between junior secondary (Years 7–10) and senior secondary (Years 11–12) schools. 

Responses to the questionnaire were entered into a database by the Centre for Behavioural Research in Cancer, Cancer Council Victoria. Data were cleaned and weighted to reflect the distribution of students across school sectors, using data obtained from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The 2014 collection year had a school-level response rate of 26%, which was lower than previous years.​

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