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What is Peer Support and Peer Led programs?

People who have experienced suicide ideation or a suicide attempt have an understanding that can help in preventing the suicide of others.

Peer support and peer led programs enable people with lived experience of suicide to help provide early intervention and suicide prevention support.

These programs help to reduce reliance on clinical mental health services.

How can I participate in Peer Support and Peer Led programs?

If you have lived experience of suicide or suicide ideation, the following organisations offer Peer Support and Peer Led Programs training.

ACON: Trans Vitality program

The Trans Vitality program is for trans and gender diverse people in NSW.

It was created in partnership with ACON’s Trans Health Equity team, clinicians and trans community members. It is supported by Black Dog Institute.

The program is delivered by trans peers and includes:

  • online workshops
  • suicide prevention
  • learning about resilience, community care, trans history
  • eLearning resources.

More information about the Trans Vitality program can be found on the Trans Hub website.

Inside Out & Associates: Alternatives to Suicide program

The Alternatives to Suicide program supports people who have experienced suicidal crisis or who have experienced suicidal thoughts.

Alternatives to Suicide has peer-support groups established across NSW, including regional areas and in diverse communities such as LGBTIQ+, older people, Aboriginal people, young people and men.

If you are a suicide attempt survivor or have experienced a suicide crisis, you can train to be a facilitator of an Alternatives to Suicide group.

Topics covered in the three-day Group Facilitator Training include:

  • exploring the myths about the suicide prevention sector
  • understanding the Alternatives to Suicide approach
  • tools and techniques for having conversations about suicide
  • putting these learnings into action by facilitating groups with support and guidance from trainers.

More information can be found on the Alternatives to Suicide website.

About the Expanding Peer Support and Peer Led Programs initiative

The Peer Support and Peer Led Programs initiative is increasing the number of peer support programs available in NSW for people who have experienced suicidal thoughts or crisis by funding organisations that offer the program.

Current as at: Monday 15 August 2022
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