Master classes

The aim with the twice yearly Master class is to share knowledge, showcase best practices, new models of care, projects and programs for adoption and scalability, highlight innovative ideas, inspire change and improve patient flow and connectivity across the patient journey. Representation to the master classes includes all local health district and specialty health networks from medical, nursing, mental health, allied health, management, Whole of Health Program (WOHP) leads, Redesign leads and patient flow.

Capability development days

The aim of the Capability Development days is to support the statewide WOHP leads in development of new skills, sharing existing knowledge and skills, implementing change, scaling best practice, and networking with other WOHP leads.

Improving Access to Care webinars

The WOHP hosts the Improving Access to Care webinar twice a month. The aim is to share innovation, process improvements and best practices and to shine a light on new models of care, projects and programs for adoption and scalability. The webinars aim to ultimately improve patient care and patient flow across the patient journey. Access to the 30 minute webinars is through the local WOHP leads. To register please contact the Whole of Health Program team

Forums and workshops

The WOHP has hosted various forums and workshops over the years which shine a light on challenges and focus areas across the health system. These forums and workshops are an opportunity to hear from sites, from within NSW and interstate, where strategies have been developed and solutions have been implemented. These events provide an opportunity to discuss what short, medium and longer term strategies should be prioritised by NSW Health and also consider actions after the 'easy wins' have been realised. They also provide an opportunity to gather to discuss issues, workshop ideas and network with peers and colleagues from across the state.​

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