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At 18 months of age Ambika Monger and her family were forced to flee their native Bhutan and escape to Nepal where they lived in a refugee camp for the next 23 years, terrified they would be killed, tortured, jailed and raped.

Ambika saw children and adults around her suffering from conditions that had no diagnosis or treatment. It made her determined to help make a difference for people if and when her family was able to leave the refugee camp.

In 2013, they were finally able to leave the camp and came to Australia, with the assistance of the United Nations refugee program, and Ambika was able to start her medical studies.

“I fell in love with pathology when I was doing my practical placements,” she said. “When I was in Nepal we had limited access to everything. Now I have freedom and opportunity to make a difference. I find it fascinating knowing how I can help find the diagnostic answers that mean our patients get treatment when they need it most.”

Ambika started working with NSW Health Pathology in the small town of Deniliquin as a technical assistant in May 2019 and she has relished the opportunity to learn more about pathology, from collecting blood samples to working in the laboratory.

“I hope to do a Master’s degree next year and I’m enjoying learning more about pathology now. I am grateful to have support of my friends, family and the NSW Health Pathology team.”

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Statement of commitment

NSW Health welcomes people from diverse backgrounds. We are committed to having a workforce that reflects the communities we serve.

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