The Focus on the Future Signature Project is underpinned by five work streams across two pillars, that drive a number of initiatives:

  • workforce planning and training
    • horizons scanning for disruption work stream
      • Future of Work Thought Leadership Series
      • NSW Health Megatrends Report
      • On the Horizon newsletter
      • horizon scanning methodology
    • strategic workforce planning work stream
      • dynamic scenario planning – genomics pilot
      • strategic workforce planning accelerator pilot
      • scenario planning for workforce planning in NSW
    • digital capability and awareness work stream
      • Future Health podcast
      • Improving the Human Experience with Health Technology evidence check
      • education and training resources to develop technology capability
  • strengthening workforce culture and governance
    • pathways and governance for innovation work stream
      • showcase of governance that supports innovation
    • culture and leadership to support learning work stream
      • Leading for Innovation pilot program

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Current as at: Monday 24 October 2022