Workforce Policy and Development

The Workforce Policy and Development unit's mission is to identify emerging trends that may impact on the NSW Health workforce in the short, medium and long term.
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Workforce Forum

The Workforce Forum is an annual event that brings together relevant staff from across NSW to discuss, plan and promote the effective delivery of current and future state-wide workforce strategies. 
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Reshaping Essential Education

NSW Ministry of Health, in partnership with the Health Education and Training Institute (HETI), is undertaking a state-wide project to improve mandatory training to better match the needs of our contemporary health system.

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Focus on the Future: A workforce Initiative

NSW Health is committed to achieving a 'Fit for Purpose workforce' for now and the future. The Focus on the Future Workforce Initiative has the aim to support the health system to ensure a resilient and digitally-enabled workforce that can adapt to the changes in the system caused by the disruption of technology.
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Current as at: Thursday 28 November 2019