The Leader Success Profile (LSP) defines the outstanding characteristics of a leader in a given role in NSW Health. Each element of the LSP has an application and relevance across the employee lifecycle. It can be used to inform decision making across the employee lifecycle e.g. recruitment, leadership development, performance and recognition and career and mobility. 

Current Leader Success Profiles

The Leader Success Profile outlines the following

  • The vision for NSW Health, to provide context on what future leaders need to enable 
  • The vision for the role, to provide insight into what future people within the role need to enable
  • The key challenges and opportunities the role will face in leading the health service into the future
  • The experiences leaders will need to have gained to successfully overcome leadership challenges
  • The capabilities required to be outstanding in a given role to achieve the goals outlined in NSW Health vision and strategy 
  • The leadership styles and derailers that should be understood to best support leaders in delivering within NSW Health 
  • The ideal motivations of leaders aligned with the NSW Health direction and values
  • The ideal level of cognitive abilities and emotional intelligence to navigate role requirements and environment

How to use the Leader Success Profile

The LSP defines the leadership elements required to be outstanding within a leadership role. It does not replace the position description. As the LSP outlines the ideal characteristics of the role, it should be considered aspirational. A person would be expected to meet / develop many of the characteristics identified in the LSP, but not all. For a more comprehensive outline on how to use the LSP please visit the Leader Success Profile - User Guide

Current as at: Friday 22 April 2022