​Innovation will always emerge at the frontline as we imagine new and better ways to deliver patient care. Our challenge is to create and support a culture and infrastructure that enables ongoing innovation.

Leading for Innovation (L4I) is a leadership development program aimed at enhancing knowledge, skills, mindsets and actions to nurture innovation and leadership capabilities within the NSW Health workforce. Using a flipped classroom approach, L4I engages talented leaders in an immersive learning experience to cultivate 16 innovation and leadership skills and instincts through a mix of learning formats, including intensive workshops, online self-directed learnings, group work and coaching.

L4I equips participants with ways of thinking and tools to engage with contexts and people, generate insights, help break barriers, and apply out-of-the-box thinking to existing and emerging challenges.

For more information on the L4I program or to register your interest in participating, please contact us at MOH-WorkforceHorizonsScanning@health.nsw.gov.au.




Current as at: Monday 10 October 2022