Parent Information Kits containing a Consent Form and information about vaccination are provided to parents/legal guardians by the schools before the school vaccination clinics are scheduled.
Only students who have a Consent Form signed by their parent/legal guardian will be vaccinated.
Despite a signed Consent Form being provided, a parent/legal guardian can revoke or withdraw their consent at any time prior to a vaccination taking place.
A parent/legal guardian may withdraw their consent at any time by:
1.    providing the school with written notification of the withdrawal of their consent; or
2.    in circumstances where a parent/legal guardian is unable to withdraw their consent in writing, the parent/legal guardian may telephone the school to withdraw their consent. The school staff member responsible for coordinating the vaccination program at the school (or his or her delegate) will:
o    seek clarification that the person on the phone is the parent/legal guardian;
o    confirm with the parent/legal guardian the vaccine/s that the withdrawn consent applies to;
o    make a written record of the time and date of the withdrawn consent
o    make a written record of the student’s name, year and the vaccine/s the withdrawn consent applies to.
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