• What NSW Children Eat and Drinks: Report of the Chief Heath Officer 2017
    What NSW Children Eat and Drink
    The Report of the Chief Health Officer 2017 describes the eating and drinking patterns of school aged children in NSW.
  • Your Room. The place for drug and alcohol information.
    Your Room

    Learn about the most commonly used drugs affecting Australians and test your knowledge in the new interactive quiz.
  • NSW Public Hospital Parking and Directions
    NSW Public Hospital Parking and Directions
    Find out about concessional parking, hospital car park locations, opening times, prices and directions.
  • Medicare bulk billed dental care for eligible children.
    Child Dental Benefits Schedule
    Find out how eligible children and teenagers can receive up to $1000 worth of general dental care over two calendar years.
  • Vaccinate to protect against flu. Talk to your GP.
    Don't let the flu get you
    Influenza, or 'flu', is in our community every year. Learn what flu is, how it makes you sick and what you can do to stay healthy.