• AIDS Awareness Week
    AIDS Awareness Week
    The theme for AIDS Awareness Week is EASY. HIV Testing is now easier and faster. Testing leads to early diagnosis enabling early treatment which provides better health outcomes.
  • Innovation Showcase
    Innovation Showcase
    & Awards

    Visit the Innovation Showcase for more resources and information about innovation in NSW Health
  • Beat The Heat
    Beat The Heat

    Prepare for and stay healthy in the heat, recognise and treat heat related illness, and care for people who are at risk of heat-related illness
  • Save the Date to Vaccinate

    A campaign to remind parents and providers about the importance of vaccinating children on time.
  • Emergency Department Waiting Times
    Emergency Department Waiting Times
    See how long you can expect to wait at
    participating hospitals
  • Find Your Health Service
    Find Your Health Service

    Find the location of a service by name
    or specialty


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