Transcript: Diversity and inclusion

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As the largest public health system in Australia, building a workforce that represents the community it serves is vital in delivering inclusive and responsive services.

The Diversity Inclusion Belonging guide provides the direction for public health organisations to ensure local diversity initiatives align with, and deliver, diversity and inclusion goals set out in Future Health. The guide acknowledges the elements of diversity and inclusion, the positives that come from individual differences and recognises the crucial role a sense of belonging plays in delivering an effective, functioning, diverse and inclusive workplace. The NSW Health CORE values are reinforced in this resource.

Elizabeth Koff, the Secretary of NSW Health says, "I encourage you to explore the Diversity Inclusion Belonging guide. Together we can make NSW Health the best place to work and the best health service possible for the people of NSW". Read the Secretary's message.

How do we know we are on track? View Mapping our path to a diverse workforce.

Benefits of diversity

Attract talent

Create advocates of staff to attract future talent.

Deliver the best health outcomes

An engaged workforce delivers the best health outcomes for our community.

Respectful culture

Encourage a culture that reflects our CORE values and respects the differences each person can bring to our organisation.

Understanding our community

A workforce that understands our community's needs.

Increase staff retention

Support our staff to continue their professional development while maintaining a balanced life.

Statement of commitment

NSW Health welcomes people from diverse backgrounds. We are committed to having a workforce that reflects the communities we serve.

  • Living with a disability is not a barrier to success

    Living with a disability is not a barrier to success

    Jarrod Thatcher is a proud Aboriginal man and a COVID-19 screener at Manning Hospital. He was also born with spina bifida and has been in a wheelchair his whole life.

    Find out more about Jarrod's work with HNELHD

  • Making a difference with pride

    Making a difference with pride

    ​John Ghaly's position was specifically targeted for a person with a disability; he receives support and assistance from Jobsupport.

    Find out more about John's work

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PDF of Diversity Inclusion Belonging Guide


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