Urgent care is when you need medical attention for an illness or injury within 2-12 hours and can be managed without a trip to the emergency department.

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed immense pressure on the community and healthcare facilities resulting in larger numbers of patients seeking care in our emergency departments. NSW Health has committed to providing services in the right place and at the right time to meet people’s needs and reduce the pressures on emergency departments.

NSW Health aims to make it easier for patients, families and carers to access urgent care in the community by creating an Urgent Care System that will link better with the hospital system, emergency department and primary care system. 

The Commonwealth government has announced 13 NSW urgent care clinics and the NSW Government has committed to providing 25 Urgent Care Services in the coming years.  Some services already provide urgent care in the community like after-hours General Practice (GP) services and telehealth providers. 

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What are Urgent Care Services? 

In NSW, Urgent Care Services may be delivered in different forms, which will be developed based on the local community’s needs through a partnership between the health districts, Primary Health Networks and GPs.  Some services will be delivered state-wide with the aim to guide people to the most suitable healthcare location where their needs can be met.

Urgent Care Services may include urgent care health information and access lines (digital and telephone); urgent care clinics that treat minor cuts, bruises and illnesses; rapid response hospital teams that provide urgent care in the community such as in our aged care facilities and virtual (telehealth) specialist and GP services.  

What is NSW doing to deliver Urgent Care Services?

NSW Health is undertaking an expression of interest (EOI) process with health districts (hospital services), Primary Health Networks and GPs to understand the local community health needs and potential urgent care solutions. 

Are you a Primary Care provider and want to know more? 

Please contact your local Primary Health Network for information. All correspondence about the Urgent Care Services EOI is through your local Primary Health Network.

Current as at: Tuesday 8 November 2022
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