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Health and medical research plays an essential role in developing better treatments and interventions for patients and in improving health outcomes. NSW Health works with health and medical research communities, the higher education sector and industry to support research, increase research capability, and foster the translation of research and innovation into health policy, clinical practice and patient care. Numerous research grants and funding sources are available to improve and strengthen health and medical research in NSW:


Many local health districts and specialty health networks also provide strong support for research partnerships:

Drugs and clinical trials

Clinical trials are an important aspect of health and medical research. They provide a link between scientific research carried out in the laboratory and new treatments and care for patients.

Clinical trials undergo rigorous evaluation to make sure the intervention being tested is effective, safe and feasible for use more broadly in the community. Trials can be across areas such as treatments, devices, biological products and how care is provided.


Technological innovation funding helps entrepreneurs, companies, health facilities, medical research institutes, universities and the medical devices industry to bring their devices and diagnostic solutions to market. NSW Health aims to increase the uptake of cost-effective health and medical innovations across the health system to support better patient care.

Clinical innovations

Innovations can transform the way healthcare is delivered. NSW Health supports the development of ideas from frontline staff who are working in clinical settings. Staff are trained in redesign methodologies to improve health service delivery and to share their new innovations, lessons learnt and success stories widely.

Digital health

As NSW Health's dedicated digital health agency, eHealth NSW partners with health agencies and industry to deliver patient-centred care. One of its key focuses is to develop a culture of innovation and collaboration within the wider digital health community to fast-track the best ideas, maximise return on investment and build digital health capacity across the state.

Data and analytics

NSW Health has a wide range of data sets, reports and interactive tools that provide information about health and healthcare across the state. Sources of information include:


NSW Health partners with hundreds of vendors to deliver digitally enabled and patient-centred healthcare for the eight million citizens of Australia’s largest state. Ranging from large multinationals to small start-ups, NSW Health suppliers are sourced under the NSW Government’s Procurement Policy Framework and selected as a result of a single or multi-staged procurement process.

See buy.nsw for information on NSW Government procurement and registration processes.

For digital suppliers, we encourage registration on the NSW Government ICT Services Scheme (SCM 0020).

Emerging innovations

Healthcare Innovation Venture Enablement (HIVE)

NSW Health is currently working on developing a model for the Healthcare Innovation Venture Enablement (HIVE).

HIVE is a concept that represents NSW Health organisations coming together to support innovation. The project aims to provide an integrated process for public and private sector innovators who want to work with NSW Health.

What will HIVE do?

The idea behind HIVE is to enable an integrated interface between emergent innovations in the private or the public sectors and all NSW Health organisations. HIVE will provide:

  • a way to engage with NSW Health for public or private venture leaders
  • a process to support the development, design and validation of innovations
  • a governance process to support a managed approach to identification, selection and development of innovations
  • support that is distinct but aligned to independent procurement and funding processes. 

While the purpose of HIVE will not be to provide financial support for emerging innovations, it can direct innovators to sources of potential grants and funding currently available.

Who is HIVE for?

HIVE will benefit anyone with an idea related to care that can support transformative innovation in NSW Health. This includes businesses, clinicians with innovative ideas, entrepreneurs and researchers.

When will HIVE launch?

The project is currently in the development phase. The Healthcare Innovation Portal provides businesses, clinicians and entrepreneurs with pathfinding assistance while HIVE is being developed.

How can innovators find out about developments with HIVE?

Keep in touch by:

Innovation NSW

Innovation NSW is creating a whole-of-government approach to boosting innovation in NSW. Working with government, industry, research, NGO and university partners, its remit is to:

  • guide and support new solutions to complex government problems
  • research, develop and test new concepts
  • connect innovators across sectors.
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