Environmental Health Branch

The Environmental Health Branch works in collaboration with the Public Health Network which is a network of 16 Public Health Units, each with a dedicated environmental health section.

Environmental health is the interaction between the environment and the health of populations of people. While environmental health is distinct from environmental protection there are overlaps in many areas. Environmental health has been defined as "those aspects of human health determined by physical, biological, and social factors in the environment."

Environmental health issues include the provision of safe drinking water supplies, recreational use of water, sewage management, public swimming pools, toxicology, microbial control, skin penetration industries, funeral industries, arbovirus control, air quality, waste management, and basic hygiene.

In NSW many of the functions associated with environmental health activities come within the administrative control of many state and local government agencies. The core administrative functions of the Environmental Health Branch are not limited by the Public Health Act and Regulation but also include the development of guidelines, policy and advice related to many aspects of public health.

Environmental Health B​ranch structure

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