Air pollution

The air you breathe can contain pollutants that are harmful.

Air pollution can vary greatly, depending on the season, the weather and the types and sources of pollutants.

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Protect yourself from air pollution

There are steps you can take to reduce air pollution in your community and limit your exposure to pollutants.

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Protect yourself from bushfire smoke

Smoke can affect people’s health and it is important for everyone to reduce exposure.

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Who is affected?

Everyone can be affected by air pollution especially when exposed over prolonged periods of time. However, some groups of people may be more susceptible than others.

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Common pollutants

Find more information about the most common air pollutants and their health effects.
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Indoor air pollution

We spend a lot of time in our homes. It is important that the air is as clean as possible
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Outdoor air pollution

Common sources of outdoor air pollution are emissions from motor vehicles, solid fuel burning and industry.

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