Health Professional Workforce Taskforce

Health Professionals Workforce Plan

The Health Professionals Workforce Plan outlines strategies to ensure NSW Health can train, recruit and retain the workforce required to meet forecast growth in health services required by NSW communities.

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YourSay Workplace Culture Survey

Workplace culture

Workplace culture is key to the wellbeing of staff and to delivering the best outcomes for our patients.

Our workplaces strive to embody NSW Health's CORE values of Collaboration, Openness, Respect and Empowerment.

NSW Health has a range of programs to improve workplace culture.

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Aboriginal Workforce in NSW Health

Aboriginal workforce

NSW Health develops workforce strategies, programs and publications to assist health services to support Aboriginal workforce growth, capability and supply while ensuring culturally safe work spaces, practices and patient environments.

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Allied health

The allied health workforce in NSW Health is a diverse group of professionals who work in a health-care team to support a person's medical care.

Allied health professionals provide services to enhance and maintain function of their patients within a range of settings including hospitals, private practice, community health and in-home care.

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Workforce horizons

Workforce horizons identify factors that will influence the future of our workforce. This method aids in workforce planning and forecasting to ensure a fit for purpose workforce.

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Rostering is the means by which we plan our daily staffing needs to match our patient care demands.

Effective rostering ensures that a skilled and available workforce is deployed to deliver patient care services as efficiently as possible.

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Medical workforce

NSW Health provides quality training and support for doctors through a wide range of projects, policies and strategies for prevocational, college accredited trainees and trainees working in unaccredited training positions.

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Workforce planning

Workforce planning is how we ensure NSW Health trains, recruits and retains a ‘fit for purpose’ workforce. This is an ongoing process to anticipate future service demands and supply challenges and develop strategies to address them.

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Current as at: Friday 19 November 2021