The Ministry has published the NSW Health Workforce Plan 2022-2032 ('the Plan') to support the state's health workforce to deliver safe, reliable and person-centred care, driving the best outcomes and experiences. This Plan outlines the Ministry's workforce vision and its urgent system priorities to achieve this vision.

Future Health sets a vision for the future of the health system in NSW and requires a new workforce plan to guide the next phase of workforce development. The Plan provides a delivery framework to guide the implementation of Future Health's workforce-related strategies across the health system.

The Health Workforce Plan 2022-32 builds on the achievements of our NSW Health Professional Workforce Plan 2012-22 and provides a delivery framework to guide the implementation of the workforce-related strategies across the NSW Health system. We aim to:

  1. Build positive work environments that bring out the best in everyone
  2. Strengthen diversity in our workforce and decision-making
  3. Empower staff to work to their full potential around the future care needs
  4. Equip our people with the skills and capabilities to be an agile, responsive workforce
  5. Attract and retain skilled people who put patients first
  6. Unlock the ingenuity of our staff to build work practices for the future

The Plan will guide collaboration across NSW Health to develop state-wide initiatives for the system, and for local workforce plans in LHNs/SHNs to translate system priorities into local actions. Regular reporting will provide a structured assessment of progress towards the workforce objectives. This process will enable identify partnership opportunities across the organisation and help see where a change or additional focus may be required.

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Type: Plan
Date of Publication: 23 June 2022
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