NSW Health coordinates various campaigns and intitiatives to recruit for specific positions. All other NSW Health vacancies are advertised online.


JMO recruitment

NSW Health co-ordinates an annual campaign advertising vocational and non-vocational positions for the following clinical year.

For more information, visit Junior Medical Officer recruitment.

Area of Need Program

The Area of Need program assists in the provision of general practice and specialist medical services to locations in NSW that have limited access to those services.

For avilable positions refer to:


GradStart: Graduate nursing and midwifery recruitment

GradStart is the annual recruitment of graduate nurses and midwives who want to work in NSW public hospitals.

For more information, refer to GradStart: Applying for a graduate nursing and midwifery position in NSW Health.

MidStart: Midwifery student recruitment and training

MidStart is a career pathway for registered nurses to become midwives. It offers paid employment as a midwifery student while studying a Graduate Diploma in Midwifery.

For more information, refer to MidStart: Applying for a postgraduate midwifery student position in NSW Health.

Public health

NSW Health advertises a number of traineeships in public health, including population health, environmental health and biostatistics.

For more information, refer to Training programs.

Senior executive positions

Pursuant to Section 121B (2) of the Health Services Act 1997 a list of positions determined as Health Executive Service is to be made publicly available on the Ministry of Health website.

Find out more about Senior Executive Positions​.

Current as at: Thursday 15 September 2022