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The NSW Rural Generalist Single Employer Pathway (RGSEP) is an employment pathway for junior doctors seeking a career as a rural generalist.

Trainees on the pathway are employed for up to four years by a regional Local Health District (LHD) while completing training in primary care and hospital settings.

The RGSEP offers rural generalist trainees a contract with a NSW Health LHD for the length of their training. This contract may last up to four years depending on your stage of training. As a rural generalist trainee, this allows you to keep your NSW Health Award entitlements (for example, sick leave, annual leave and parental leave), as other specialist trainees employed by NSW Health do.

RGSEP positions are being offered in the following NSW Health LHDs:

  • Far West
  • Hunter New England
  • Illawarra Shoalhaven
  • Mid North Coast
  • Murrumbidgee
  • Northern NSW
  • Southern NSW
  • Western NSW.

View a map of NSW LHDs.

While you will be assigned to one central hospital within the LHD, you may also be required to perform your duties at neighbouring communities.

Who is this training pathway for?

The RGSEP is a coordinated and supported pathway for junior doctors seeking a career as a  rural generalist.

You must be enrolled in one of the following relevant vocational general practitioner (GP) training programs:

All trainees recruited to the RGSEP must also be eligible for selection into the Health Education and Training Institute, Rural Generalist Medical Training Program (RGTP).

RGSEP is available for trainees who are starting their GP training, or those who have already completed some components of GP training. You will be offered a one-, two-, three- or four-year contract depending on the stage at which you enter the pathway.

Frequently asked questions about the RGSEP

Find answers to frequently asked questions about the RGSEP in our two fact sheets:

About the Single Employer Model

The Single Employer Model (SEM) was designed by Murrumbidgee Local Health District (MLHD), The model supports the recruitment and retention of a rural generalist workforce, and is now being expanded across the rest of regional NSW.

Watch a video: Single Employer Model – MLHD Rural Generalist Training Pathway

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