Allied health careers in NSW - there's something for everyone

NSW Health is now recruiting for a range of allied health professionals and other health professionals including mental health, adult and paediatric care and aged care. Positions are available for acute and subacute care, rehabilitation and in community-based health services.

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Allied health professions

The allied health workforce in NSW Health is a diverse group of professionals who work in a health-care team to support a person's medical care.

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Excellence in Allied Health Awards

The annual Excellence in Allied Health Awards recognise the incredible dedication and contribution of our allied health staff across the state.

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International Allied Health Professional's Day

Celebrated annually on 14 October, Allied Health Professional's Day recognises the contribution of allied health professionals to patient care and population health.

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Changing models of care

The NSW health system works together to consider workforce implications of changing models of care and the implementation of system wide reforms.

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Best practice strategic, operational, professional, and clinical allied health governance are essential for safe and high-quality service delivery.

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Workforce projects

We undertake workforce planning projects for allied health in NSW to identify potential future opportunities and priorities for both local and state-level.

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Workforce modelling

Workforce modelling maps the current and forecast labour pool for an allied health profession against projected demand.
Models can be used to highlight career opportunities looking over a decade into the future.
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Current as at: Wednesday 25 October 2023