Allied Health Professions Day was first held in England in 2018 and is now an international event held annually on 14 October, celebrating and bringing together the allied health professional community.

This year the main theme ‘Stronger together’, highlights the benefits of multidisciplinary team-based care. While it is well known that allied health professionals play a key role in the health and wellbeing of all Australians, health system reform is finally recognising the value, both economic and clinical, of multidisciplinary care.

Get involved

The style of celebration and ownership of the day remains with allied health professionals. There are many ways to celebrate, appreciate and inspire.

We encourage you to join us in supporting Allied Health Professions Day 2023 and raise awareness of the allied health sector by sharing your own social media posts. Be sure to use the hashtags #AHPsDay2023, #StrongerTogether.

What is allied health?

The Allied Health Workforce in NSW Health is a diverse group of individual professions who work in a healthcare team in a range of settings across the lifespan. The following qualified allied health professionals are employed by NSW Health:

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