​Our workplaces strive to make continuous improvement to workplace culture, embodying NSW Health's CORE values of Collaboration, Openness, Respect and Empowerment.


We are committed to working collaboratively with each other to achieve the best possible outcomes for our patients who are at the centre of everything we do. In working collaboratively we acknowledge that every person working in the health system plays a valuable role that contributes to achieving the best possible outcomes.


A commitment to openness in our communications builds confidence and greater cooperation. We are committed to encouraging our patients and all people who work in the health system to provide feedback that will help us provide better services. 


We have respect for the abilities, knowledge, skills and achievements of all people who work in the health system. We are also committed to providing health services that acknowledge and respect the feelings, wishes​ and rights of our patients and their carers. 


In providing quality health care services we aim to ensure our patients are able to make well informed and confident decisions about their care and treatment. 

Current as at: Friday 12 April 2019