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John Ghaly works for HealthShare NSW in Blacktown Hospital’s Food Services. John’s position was specifically targeted for a person with a disability; he receives support and assistance from Jobsupport.

John loves his job at Healthshare NSW. His role has provided him with a sense of pride and responsibility.

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“I feel 110% proud to wear the HealthShare NSW label on my work shirt. Working at HealthShare makes me feel like being part of a family. I really like my managers and my work team, they are all good people and very friendly with me. I love my job because I like to keep busy and get to meet new people and get life experiences.”

‘I feel responsible now because I earn my own salary and can pay board to help my parents. I am very, very happy to live at home with my family. I have a plan in my head to save money to buy my own home one day. I am so happy because not many people my age have such a great job.

John’s supervisor Monica Platt is delighted to have John as part of the team.

“John helps us in lots of different ways. He does a range of tasks, including buttering bread for sandwiches, delivering sandwiches to the clinical wards, and filling water cups for tea breaks, lunch and dinners,” said Monica. “John has a task schedule which he follows to a ‘T’ and performs them with pride. We don’t know what we would do without John.”

For further information please contact the HealthShare NSW Disability Access and Inclusion team via

Statement of commitment

NSW Health welcomes people from diverse backgrounds. We are committed to having a workforce that reflects the communities we serve.

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Current as at: Wednesday 24 November 2021