Community sharps are sharps that have been generated by non-clinical activities e.g. needles, syringes and lancets.

The management of community sharps is a shared responsibility across government, council and other organisations.

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Resources about community sharps management including information on training and NSW Government initiatives.

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Guidance document

This document outlines a collaborative approach to effectively manage community sharps and create sustainable environments.

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Policies and legislation

Relevant policies and legislation on community sharps in NSW.

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Promotional material

Find promotional flyers, media releases and letters about community sharps plus disposal bin stickers of differing sizes and design for use by councils and other stakeholders

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Useful contacts

Got some sharps you want to dispose of?

Please visit your local hospital or pharmacy for sharps disposal options.

Found a used needle or syringe?

The Needle Clean-Up Hotline coordinates the clean-up of dumped needles and syringes in public places anywhere in NSW.

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