Healthy eating active living

Find information about NSW Government programs and services to support healthy eating and active living in NSW and reduce the impact of lifestyle-related chronic disease.

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Quitting smoking

Tobacco smoking is the greatest single cause of premature death in NSW.

There are services to help you quit - and you'll notice positive changes within days and weeks of giving up smoking.

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Environmental health

Environmental health addresses the physical, chemical and biological factors external to you that can affect your health.

This covers many topics including air and water quality, waste management, industry and public health hazards.

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Hepatitis B and C

Hepatitis B (HBV) and hepatitis C (HCV) are blood-borne viruses that affect the liver. Hepatitis B is also sexually transmissible.

NSW Health are working to reduce HBV and HCV infections in NSW and improve the health outcomes of people living with hepatitis in NSW.

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Women's health

Many women and girls have different health and wellbeing needs and experiences than affect men and boys.

NSW Health has an important role in helping women and girls to fulfil their potential at every stage of their lives.

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Your Room

Your Room provides information about some of the most commonly used drugs affecting Australians, including facts about the physical and psychological effects, what you should do in an emergency, and support and treatment options.

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