Adahps is a state-wide public health service for residents of NSW who have HIV related cognitive impairment and complex needs such as: mental illness, drug and alcohol dependence and other medical conditions.

Our multidisciplinary team provides HIV integrated care including: case management for medical and psychosocial issues, neuropsychological assessment and access to HIV supported accommodation. We also connect HIV positive prisoners to support on discharge through the PICS program, and HIV positive individuals who have alcohol and other drug dependence though the AOD Integrated Care Program.

Adahps case managers and psychologists we will travel to assess individuals, regardless of where they live, rather than having them travel to Sydney.

We work in partnership with clients, their families and carers, HIV and health professionals, non-government organisations and housing providers across the whole of NSW.


To be eligible for Adahps services an individual must be HIV positive and either:

  • have a suspected or confirmed diagnosis of HIV Associated Dementia
  • exhibit signs of HIV related cognitive impairment or behavioural disturbance that cannot be managed by local services
  • require specialist assessment and management related to these conditions that is not available where the individual lives
  • have other major HIV related conditions affecting cognitive impairment such as Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy (PML).
Page Updated: Monday 18 May 2015