Jillian SkinnerMinister’s Foreword

Making The Arts an important part of the way we deliver health services and public health messaging is something I have always been passionate about.

With over 100 arts initiatives currently underway across NSW, I know just how dynamic this sector has become, a fact I’m d​elighted to see firsthand when I visit hospitals and community health centres right around the state. But there is more we can do to incorporate The Arts across our health facilities and public health messaging.

I established the Taskforce for Health and The Arts​ to guide the integration of The Arts into NSW’s healthcare system as a whole - including how we provide healthcare, create a sense of place in our health services and work with communities to keep people healthy and out of hospital.

Following extensive of consultation and review, I was pleased to receive the Report of the Health and The Arts Taskforce. The key recommendations of the taskforce have informed this world leading NSW Health and The Arts Framework.

This framework is an important step in ensuring we both encourage innovation in NSW, and also support local health services and The Arts sector to work together. I do not want to just bring The Arts into Health, but I want to bring the emotion, power, creativity and spirit that comes with it to improve the health and wellbeing of patients and the community.

NSW Health and The Arts Framework

Recognising how valuable The Arts can be in improving health outcomes as well as promoting health and wellbeing in the wider community, this NSW Health and The Arts Framework enables the NSW Health system to maximise the benefits of integrating The Arts into the design and delivery of health services, and health messaging.

The framework has three integrated elements:

  • governance
  • partnerships and funding,
  • operational guidelines, resources and information exchange.

NSW Health and The Arts Information Exchange​

The NSW Health and The Arts Information Exchange, hosted by the Agency for Clinical Innovation’s Innovation Exchange, supports the NSW Health system in implementing the NSW Health and The Arts Framework​.

It provides Guidelines for Designing and Managing Arts Programs in NSW Health Services and Facilities (under development), Fact Sheets, links to key Australian and international resources and provides a platform to share leading practice across NSW.

Health and The Arts Taskforce Report

In November 2015 the NSW Minister for Health announced a Taskforce on Health and The Arts​ to provide advice on how to both encourage and better integrate The Arts into healthcare services, activities and facilities across the whole of NSW Health.

The taskforce led a wide-ranging policy and evidence review, and community consultation. On 29 April 2016, the taskforce provided a comprehensive report to the NSW Minister for Health, The Path Forward, Partnering Arts to Health.

The key recommendations of the taskforce have been adopted as part of this unique NSW Health and The Arts Framework.

Recognising the hundreds of individuals as well as arts, health and community organisations that generously contributed knowledge, experience and expertise to the work of the taskforce, the taskforce report reflects this and includes:

Further information

For further information on this initiative, please contact the NSW Ministry of Health by emailing arts@doh.health.nsw.gov.au.​​​​​​​​​

Page Updated: Tuesday 5 July 2016