NSW Health is reforming the way in which it works with and funds the Non-Government sector to deliver health and related services to people and communities across NSW.


For many years funding has been provided to the NGO sector largely by way of grants.  The grants have been used to support a very broad range of services in women’s health, mental health, Aboriginal health, and many other areas. Many grants have remained in place for a long time and in some cases have become out of step with the services and programs required in the community to meet our goals for better health for the population of NSW.

While the grant arrangements have supported the provision of many important services and added capacity to the health system in NSW, there is an increasing need to plan and purchase services from the NGO sector in a more considered way.  This is to ensure what is provided through the NGO sector aligns with future needs, and provides value for money. 

Partnerships for Health

Following the detailed review of the grants system in 2012 by the Grants Management Improvement Program Taskforce, NSW Health developed Partnerships for Health to respond to the recommendations made in the Taskforce Report.
The reforms outlined in Partnerships for Health aim to:
  • Provide greater transparency to the community in how NSW Health works with and funds the NGO sector
  • Align the services provided by the NGO sector more closely with NSW Health’s priorities
  • Increase accountability for delivery and performance, and improve value of money. 
  • Streamline processes and reduce bureaucracy
  • Increase opportunities for partnership with the NGO sector 

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Page Updated: Tuesday 25 February 2014