NSW Public Dental Health Care Services

Public oral health care is delivered to eligible clients in a number of settings across NSW within Local Health Districts.

NSW Health does not charge Clients a co-payment for public oral health services.

NPA - Public Waiting List Reduction

The National Partnership Agreement on Treating More Public Dental Patients (the Dental NPA) is a joint Commonwealth and NSW state initiative that aims to deliver additional public dental services to eligible patients.

The Dental NPA is focused on providing services to patients who are Aboriginal, at high risk or who from major dental problems, and patients living in rural and remote areas.
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Awards and Career Opportunties

Dental Awards and Allowances

Advertised Positions

The NSW Health Jobs website provides currently advertised positions.

Eligibility for Public Dental Services

NSW public oral health services are provided only to a proportion of the community who meet an eligibility criteria.
Approximately 47% of the NSW population is eligible for public oral health services. The NSW criteria of eligibility for public dental services are more generous than most other States and Territories in Australia.
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Centre for Oral Health Strategy, NSW

The Centre for Oral Health Strategy, NSW is responsible for planning and developing oral health policies that focus on oral health promotion, prevention, early intervention and treatment.
The Centre is part of the Population Health Division of the NSW Ministry of Health. The Chief Dental Officer reports directly to the Chief Health Officer.

LHD Call Centres - Making an Appointment

Before making a dental appointment you should know the Local Health District in which you reside.

You must be aware of the current eligibility criteria to access public dental care.

Resources: Publications and Fact Sheets

A comphrensive list of resources is available and can be used by health professionals, students, families, care givers and their recipients as well as the general public.
They have also been grouped by broad target groups including:- 
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Infection Control Breaches in Dental Practices

Public health investigations of four dental practices in Sydney, found instruments used in the clinics were not cleaned, sterilised or stored in accordance with guidelines set by the Dental Board of Australia.

The overall risk to individual patients of blood-borne virus transmission has been assessed as low, however, patients who have had an invasive procedure at The Gentle Dentist in Campsie or Sydney CBD or any procedure at the Surry Hills or Bondi Junction practices of Dr Robert Starkenburg during the last ten years are recommended to have testing for HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.

For more information see the Frequently Asked Questions or contact the NSW Health Information Line on 1800 610 344.

Oral Health: 2020 Strategic Framework

The Oral Health 2020 Strategic Framework sets the platform for oral health action in NSW into the next decade.
It provides an overview of the oral health status of the population, outlines the goals for oral health services, describes target groups that require focussed efforts, and outlines the high level actions that will be pursued to improve the oral health of the population.
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