Transition of the NSW Public Health Bulletin to the Sax Institute

The NSW Public Health Bulletin is about to enter a new phase in its evolution - one that builds on its proud history and positions it strongly for the future.
The Bulletin will be renamed Public Health Research and Practice - Driving evidence-based approaches in NSW. It will continue as a peer-reviewed journal but will move to online-only publication. 
Its purpose will be to support knowledge-driven policies and the provision of best practice public/population health services and programs in NSW and across Australia. It will have a sharpened focus on original, policy-relevant research and articles on implementing and evaluating innovative NSW policies, services and programs. As such, we will be looking for submitted papers describing cutting-edge research and programs.
From 2014, Public Health Research and Practice will be guided by an expert Editorial Board. The Board will be chaired by Professor Sally Redman and includes Professor Bruce Armstrong, Professor Adrian Bauman, Professor Sandra Eades, Professor Mark Harris, Professor Bette Liu, Dr Jeremy McAnulty, Professor Wayne Smith, Associate Professor Sarah Thackway, Mr Bob Wells, Professor John Wiggers and Professor Andrew Wilson.
Public Health Research and Practice will be managed by the Sax Institute and all manuscripts should be submitted to the Editor, Melissa Davey:
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The NSW Public Health Bulletin was established in May 1990 as part of the newly-developed public health infrastructure in New South Wales (NSW). It is produced by the Population and Public Health Division of the NSW Ministry of Health as an information vehicle for the public health community in NSW. Its purpose is to enable the timely communication of information on major public health issues and thus to contribute to the development of a well-trained and informed public health workforce.

The Bulletin is indexed by MEDLINE.  

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