Patient [NCIMS] ID number: ____________

Contact the patient’s doctor

  • Obtain patient’s history
  • Obtain patient’s contact details and permission to contact the patient
  • Confirm results of relevant pathology tests
  • Determine if others were exposed in the clinic.

Contact the patient (or care giver)

  • Identify likely source of infection
  • Confirm onset date and symptoms of the illness
  • Check infection control measures are in place
  • Identify contacts and obtain their contact details
  • Complete  AI in Humans – Investigation Form
  • Provide with AI Fact sheet.

Contact laboratory

  • Check samples received and obtain any outstanding results.

Confirm case

Other issues

  • Report details of case and action plan to [CDB CD On Call]
  • Assess and arrange best method for delivering intervention to contacts
  • Consider a media release
  • Enter case data onto [NCIMS].
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