The Centre for Aboriginal Health (CAH) is a Centre within the Population and Public Health Division of the NSW Ministry of Health.

The vision of the Centre for Aboriginal Health is to work in partnership to build a culturally safe and responsive health system, where Aboriginal people have the same health outcomes as non-Aboriginal people.

The Centre’s role is to support the health system to better engage and listen to the needs and aspirations of Aboriginal people so that the health and wellbeing is improved. Often this is about helping the system to better understand the social determinants of health, how past Government practices impact on people today and how Aboriginal peoples’ experience of education, housing, employment, racism and discrimination impact on access and utilisation of health services.

The 2016 Strategic Framework of the Centre for Aboriginal Health details the Centre’s work.

To fulfil the function of being an enabler, facilitator and helper for the NSW Health system the CAH will:

  • build trust through partnerships
  • implement what works and build the evidence
  • work towards integrated planning and service delivery
  • supporting implementation of NSW Health's efforts in building the Aboriginal workforce
  • provide culturally safe work environments and health services
  • strengthen performance monitoring, management and accountability.

Centre for Aboriginal Health teams

The Strategy and Partnerships, System Development and Strategic Projects and Health Improvement and Support teams are the three teams that will support the role of the Centre.

The Strategy and Partnerships team is responsible for:

  • building strategic working relationships with our national and state partners
  • driving the cultural competency agenda throughout NSW Health
  • oversee and/or lead the development and implementation of strategies, frameworks, policies or discussion papers as they relate to the NSW Aboriginal Health Plan 2013-2023
  • leading strategic activities aimed at embedding the responsibility for improving the health of Aboriginal people into NSW Health’s core business and service delivery practice

The people in this team are policy champions who identify policy gaps, influences policy changes and support the driving of policy implementation

The System Development and Strategic Projects team is responsible for maximizing the use of statistics, research and evidence findings or other information source

  • to drive and influence culture and service delivery changes through collaborative working relationships aimed at developing a course of action or the tools, instruments or guides in creating such changes
  • facilitate the development of strategies aimed at embedding Aboriginal health into business models of operation or practice and
  • support analysis of information against performance management framework requirements and, if relevant, advise on further action particularly if they relate to indicators

The people in this team are the thinkers, the creators of action and influencers for cultural and service delivery change

The Health Improvement and Support team is responsible for:

  • contributing towards service delivery improvements that is based on evidence
  • being the enabler between Local Health Districts (LHDs) and Specialist Networks (SNs) and other service providers in an assigned geographical location
  • supporting the implementation and monitoring of project funding to and within LHDs including supporting monitoring of LHD Performance and Service Agreements
  • identification of good practice and support the documentation and/or expansion of this practice throughout NSW Health
  • support resolution of service delivery issues.

The people in this team are negotiators and conflict resolvers, who work with stakeholders to drive improvements in service delivery and system cohesiveness.

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