The vision of the Centre for Aboriginal Health is to work in partnership to build a culturally safe and responsive health system, where Aboriginal people have the same health outcomes as non-Aboriginal people.

The centre's role is to support positive, holistic health and wellbeing outcomes for Aboriginal people and communities through driving health system change. This includes supporting the health system to better engage and listen to the needs and aspirations of Aboriginal people. Often this is about helping the system to better understand the social and cultural determinants of health, how past Government practices impact on people today and how Aboriginal peoples' experience of education, housing, employment, racism and discrimination impact on access and utilisation of health services.

Strategic deliverables

The strategic deliverables for the centre are:

  • influence improved Aboriginal health and wellbeing outcomes through effective partnerships and responding to emerging health priorities, crises, or emergency public health issues
  • enable NSW Health to provide culturally safe, considered and competent care, experiences, policy and workplaces
  • drive system-wide accountability for Aboriginal health outcomes throughout NSW Health
  • facilitate a greater focus on Aboriginal concepts of health and wellbeing across NSW Health and to other state or national agencies
  • strengthen and communicate the evidence base on what works to improve Aboriginal health and wellbeing outcomes

For more information, visit Aboriginal health.

Current as at: Wednesday 8 November 2023
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