Transcript of: How to do a Rapid Antigent Test (RAT)

Rapid Antigen Tests are tests that tell you if you have COVID-19.

They are called RAT for short.

This video is about RATs that you can do from your nose.

We will tell you how to do these tests.

Wash you hands before you do the RAT.

Get a watch or timer.

Open the RAT kit.

In the Rat Kit should be

  • A strip that will show you if you have COVID-19 or not.
  • A long stick with one soft end.
  • A tube with liquid inside. Some RATs have th tube and the liquid in different parts.
  • A lid for the tube.
  • Some kits will have a stand.
  • Some kits come with a torch.

It is good to look at the instructions in the box before you do the test.

Make sure you have the tube the right way up.

Your test kit might come with a stand to help you stand it up.

Be careful not to let the rub fall over

Some test kits come with the tube and liquid in different parts.  

Carefully put the liquid inside the tube.

Take the stick out of the packet.

Do not touch the soft part of the stick.

Put your head back.

Put the soft part of the stick in your nose.

Put it all the way in until you feel it touch the back of your nose.

Keep moving the stick around in your nose.

Count to 15 slowly.

When the stick is in your nose you can press on the side of your nose.

Use the soft end of the same stick for the other side of your nose.

When you are done, put the stick into the tube.

Stir the stick in the tube 10 times.

Then gently squeeze the sides of the tube together 10 times.

Take the stick out of the tube.

Put the cap tightly on the tube.

Get the strip that will show you if you have COVID-19.

The strip has a small white circle at the bottom.

You will have to squeeze three drops of liquid onto the circle.

Or four drops of liquid onto the circle.

Check to see how many the instructions say.

Set your timer or watch.

Check what times the instructions say.

This can be 10, 15 or 20 minutes.

When the time is up check the strip to see what is says.

Only read the strip at that time and not later, it might be wrong then.

Some RAT kits come with a torch to help you read what the strip says.

When you look at the strip you might see a line next to the letter C.

If there is no line or colour next to the letter T your test is negative. You do not have COVID-19.

You might see a line next to the letter C and a line next to the letter T.

The line might be very light.

Your test is positive. You do have COVID-19.

Your test did not work if you see only one line next to the letter T or no lines at all. You will need to do another test.

When you have finished put everything in the bin, wash your hands and clean when you did the RAT.

If your test was negative but you still think you might have COVID-19, do another test after one day.

Talk to someone you trust if you need help with your RAT.

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