Transcript of Why the mask?​

Bella: At the moment there is a lot more people wearing masks and you may be wondering why. Wearing masks stops germs from spreading, just like washing our hands and social distancing.

When you visit the hospital a lot of people you know will be wearing masks, like your nurses and doctors, your child life therapist, the starlight captains and the clown doctors, even your mum or dad.

This might seem strange or you might feel a bit worried, but these masks are an extra way to keep us all safe and healthy. They're kind of like a superhero shield that can stop germs and viruses and helps to protect you from getting sick.

If you need to wear a mask there are a couple of things you should know:

  • Step one - make sure you wash your hands before and after putting on your mask.
  • Step two - make sure your mask covers your mouth and nose.
  • Step three - once your mask is on try not to touch it. If you do, you need to wash your hands again.
  • Step four - don't eat or drink while your mask is on. Take it off properly, don't leave it around your neck.
  • Step five - if your mask is dirty, throw it in the bin and wash your hands and get a new one if needed.
  • Step six - if your face is smaller like mine, you can do this [Holds mask loop and twists it so it loops over itself before going over her ear.]

So remember, masks are here to help us. So if we all wear them properly, we'll be doing our bit to keep us all safe and healthy.

Oh yeah, don't forget to smile. Your eyes will be still shining underneath the mask.

Current as at: Wednesday 7 October 2020
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