NSW Health is delivering state-based eReferral forms delivered by Healthlink as part of the Engage Outpatients program. eReferral forms offer a digital solution for primary health care clinicians to refer into NSW public outpatient clinics and services. Digital referrals will facilitate the delivery of referrals to appropriate outpatient services and improve referrer and patient experiences.

General practitioners (GPs) and other primary care referrers (such as optometrists) will have the ability to send electronic referrals from their practice management software, or a web-based portal, to selected NSW Health outpatient clinics. Referrals will be received for processing and triaged in the electronic Referral Management System (eRMS).

What is happening?

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Setting up HealthLink in your practice

HealthLink eReferrals can be integrated within the following software programs:

  • Best Practice
  • Genie
  • Medical Director
  • Medtech Evolution
  • Shexie Platinum
  • Zedmed

From these software programs, referrers can select a form, automatically pre-populate data from the electronic patient record, have it validated, send it securely to the intended recipient and receive a receipt electronically. A copy of the form will also be automatically stored securely in the patient's record.

Practices using these systems can integrate HealthLink for free. Alternatively, you can use MyHealthLink Portal.


If you do not have a HealthLink Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) account, please complete the HealthLink Service Application.

HealthLink help and support

For HealthLink queries or technical support, please contact HealthLink help and support via:

HealthLink tutorials and user guides

HealthLink has provided video tutorials and user guides to help practice staff integrate HealthLink with their practice management system. These resources can be found on HealthLink.


If you would have any issues, queries or concerns please provide feedback.

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