HealthStats NSW is a 'one-stop-shop' public website bringing together data from many sources to produce statistical information about the health of the NSW population. Users can view and download data and select indicators to produce tailored reports that provide insights into a wide range of health determinants and outcomes.

HealthStats NSW provides information on:

  • the health status of the NSW population
  • health inequalities and the determinants of health
  • the major causes of diseases and injury, and current health challenges
  • trends in health and comparisons between age groups and geographic locations.

What can you do with HealthStats NSW?

Find data easily using keyword search or topic and location browsers.

Access local data for a better understanding of your Local Health District, Local Government Area, or Primary Health Network, and see how it compares to others.

Explore those data for different groups within the population, such as Aboriginal people, or by gender or age.

Understand the data using the definitions, methods, disease codes, commentaries and associated information.

Track trends over time to inform more proactive, needs-based planning.

Download customised or standard printable reports, or raw data for your own analysis.

Current as at: Monday 18 September 2023