This guide has been developed to support the implementation of the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) Vulnerable Babies Program in NSW to reduce RSV-associated infections and hospitalisations. The guide is for clinicians that will order and/or administer BeyfortusTM (nirsevimab), a new RSV monocolonal antibody (mAB) in NSW Health and private health facilities.

BeyfortusTM (nirsevimab) was approved by the TGA in November 2023 for use in neonates and infants in Australia. The NSW RSV Vulnerable Babies Program offers this RSV mAB from March 2024 to September 2024 to infants who are at high-risk of RSV lower respiratory tract infections (LRTI).

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Type: Guideline
Date of Publication: 26 April 2024
Author: Immunisation
ISBN: 978-1-76023-812-4
SHPN: (HP NSW) 240208