Winner for NSW Health Secretary Award​ and finalist for B​ob Leece Transforming Health

Ne​pean Blue Mountains Local Health District (NBMLHD)

Youn Myum Jung, Mohamed Khadrar, Jan Hookkee, Mary Mikaheal, Jinman Kim, Mary Ann Nicdao, Tanya Baldacchino, Elizabeth Koff

The Home Haemodialysis Remote Monitoring System enables remote monitoring of patients’ home haemodialysis related parameters. This innovative telehealth system has created an effective model of care by increasing patient support and empowerment through the use of information technologies. The Home Haemodialysis Remote Monitoring System provides remote monitoring of home haemodialysis related data, patients’ mood and early detection of complications by nurses. The system enhances communication and strengthens nurseto- patient network and safety.

In a three month trial, 74 patients used ‘My Home Hemo’ App, and received notifications, emails or phone calls from nurses based on data reviewed remotely in real-time. Occasions of patient reviews increased by 270 per cent and saved 14 hours (11 hours of patient’s travel time) of combined nursing and patient time by replacing home or clinic visits with digital communication. Patients expressed improved confidence, connectedness and involvement with their care.​​​​​​​


Current as at: Wednesday 26 October 2016