Winner for Excellence in the Provision of Mental Health Services​

Western Sydney Local Health District

Winner for Excellence in the Provision of Mental Health Services
Jonathan Tunhavasana WSLHD, Junn Miranda WSLHD, Dr Murray Wright Chief Psychiatrist, Charles MacMillan WSLHD, Anita Dass WSLHD, Elizabeth Koff, Brad Hazzard.

This project aims to support for people needing mental health care who dial triple-zero for an ambulance. Up to 15 per cent of clients who call triple zero require mental health care. In response to this, Cumberland Hospital in partnership with NSW Ambulance, implemented the Mental Health Acute Assessment Team (MHAAT), which promotes hospital avoidance and links patients with appropriate community mental health service. It maximises mainstream health resources such as emergency departments through reducing long stay mental health patients.

Since the introduction of MHAAT there has been a significant reduction in the number of mental health patients staying in emergency departments longer than 24 hours. This is indicates patients are receiving appropriate care, such as referral and follow up in community or admission, more quickly. MHAAT diverted more than 500 patients from emergency departments in 2016.​​​

Winner for Excellence in the Provision of Mental Health Services​​

Current as at: Friday 10 November 2017