Every child’s development in the early years is a journey. From birth to 5 years, each child should reach milestones in how they play, learn, speak, act and move.

Child Personal Health Record

The Child Personal Health Record or Blue Book is given to all parents in NSW soon after the birth of a baby. It is a place to record the child’s health, growth, development, illnesses, injuries and immunisations.

The Blue Book recommends parents take their child to a Child and Family Health Centre or their doctor for routine health checks, from birth until about 4 years of age. The health checks are very important as they help parents and health professionals track the development of a child and pick up any potential problems.

Learn the Signs. Act Early.

Parents can track their child’s development using Learn the Signs. Act Early. milestone materials (milestone monitoring tools, poster and parent brochure) and share their concerns about their child’s progress with their child and family health nurse or doctor.

The current Blue Book has Learn the Signs. Act Early. milestone monitoring tools at each health check, starting at 6-8 weeks. For those that have the older Blue Book, the Learn the Signs. Act Early. milestone monitoring tools can be downloaded and printed .

Learn the Signs. Act early.poster and parent brochures have information about a child’s developmental milestones. The parent brochures are also available to download and print in 18 community languages.

Download the app on child development

For more ideas on how you can encourage your child’s development, download the free Love Talk Sing Read Play app, or Deadly Tots for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parents/carers. Both apps are available from the App Store or Google Play. Love Talk Sing Read Play is available in other languages. Visit Resourcing Parents to find out more.


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