Wellbeing nurses are employed by NSW Health and co-located in public schools. Wellbeing nurse work closely with school wellbeing and learning and support teams. They also work closely with local health and social services to support students and their families on a wide range of health and wellbeing issues. Issues may include mental health, social and behavioural support, physical health, and peer or family relationships.

The role of wellbeing nurses is to:

  • build trusting relationships with students and families to identify and assess their health and wellbeing needs and address barriers to accessing services
  • coordinate appropriate early intervention, assessments and referral of students and families to services and programs
  • contribute to case management of students and families
  • support students and families to access health promotion and improve health literacy
  • develop networks with health providers to build strong relationships and effective referral pathways.

There are 106 wellbeing nurse positions to provide services to over 400 NSW public schools.

Find schools where wellbeing nurses are based and schools receiving wellbeing nurse outreach services on the Wellbeing and Health In-reach Nurse Coordinator program map.

Current as at: Wednesday 1 May 2024