NSW Health has fifteen Local Health Districts and three Specialty Networks covering New South Wales. Each Local Health District and Specialty Network has been established with a governing board. Governing boards are an important part of the overall management of the public health system in NSW. Each board has overall responsibility for the​ strategic direction and operational efficiency of the Local Health District or Specialty Network they oversee.

Local Health Districts and Specialty Networks are established to operate public hospitals and institutions and provide health services to communities within geographical areas or a defined patient population for Specialty Networks.

Responsibilities of a Local Health District or Specialty Network are to:

  • promote, protect and maintain the health of residents in the area
  • conduct and manage public hospitals, health institutions, health services and health support services under its control
  • achieve and maintain adequate standards of patient care and services ensure the efficient and economic operation of its health services and health support services and use of its resources
  • cooperate with other local health districts and the Secretary in relation to the provision of services
  • make available to the public information and advice concerning public health and health services available within its area.

In NSW Health we strive to reflect the CORE values of collaboration, openness, respect and empowerment in our workplace.

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This website offers general information about governing boards, as well as a range of resources specifically for board members.

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