Dad: The labour had been exhausting.  I couldn't believe Eena didn't need any sleep. She should have been totally exhausted. She wanted to watch Noona the whole time and I thought this was normal bonding.

We were both first time parents and I was just glad one of us seemed to know what to do. Eena was always really organised so having routines for the baby from the beginning made sense. The problem was she never felt she was getting the hang of it. It just didn't get better.

I had to go back to work after a few weeks and she would ring me in tears during the day. It was really hard but I needed to get on with my work and couldn't really understand what the problem was. At night Noona always seemed pretty good. She settled well for me.

One night Eena got really bad and I had to take her to the hospital to get help. I ended up having to leave her there but had to bring Noona home with me. It was heart breaking, having to separate them and the first night at home without Eena was horrendous. She thought it was my fault she had to stay and that I was taking Noona off her. I didn't think we'd ever recover but I knew being in hospital was the best thing for her health.

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