21 April 2015

NSW Health has launched a website that aims to boost the number of Aboriginal people working in health professions across the state by helping Aboriginal people find jobs and helping managers to recruit and retain Aboriginal staff.

The website, Stepping Up, identifies job opportunities at NSW Health and provides clear guidance to Aboriginal people wishing to build a career in the health sector.

NSW Health Aboriginal Workforce Manager, Charles Davison, said the Stepping Up website helped Aboriginal applicants overcome the challenge of finding a job that matched their experience and aspirations.

“The Stepping Up website also provides information and tools to help managers recruit and retain the Aboriginal staff across the broad spectrum of health roles,” Mr Davison said.

“At NSW Health we offer a wide range of employment opportunities to people who are passionate about closing the health gap between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians.

“These roles include medical and primary care practitioners, nurses, midwives, service and program managers, Aboriginal Health Workers, Aboriginal Mental Health Workers, administrators and leadership positions.

“We want to help Aboriginal people of all ages carve out a career path in the health sector where they can use their skills to deliver health services and culturally appropriate care in our communities, where it’s most needed.”

Mr Davison said Aboriginal employees currently made up 2.1% of the NSW Health workforce but NSW Health was aiming to raise this to 2.6% by the end of 2015.

“NSW Health is committed to increasing Aboriginal representation in our health workforce so that Aboriginal people have the chance to contribute to improving health outcomes in our communities,” he said.

Stepping Up provides:

  • information on cadetships and scholarships
  • help with searching for a job
  • information about available positions
  • job application tips
  • information about submitting a job application
  • details on screening and checks.