11 February 2020
Cases Number
NSW – number of cases confirmed 4 (see below)
NSW – number of cases under investigation 18
NSW – number of cases cleared 673

Since Sunday 2 February, a total of 15,035 people have been assessed at Sydney International Airport. A total of 61 were sent for testing.

This includes testing conducted today (as at 1pm, 11 February) where 505 arrivals from mainland China were assessed at Sydney International Airport. Four were sent for testing.

Of the four confirmed cases, 3 patients have been discharged, a 53 year old male, a 35 year old male and a 21 year old female.

One patient remain in hospital, a 43 year old male.

No new patients were confirmed overnight.

The figures refer to people who are in NSW and have been investigated for, or have been diagnosed with novel coronavirus.

We will not be disclosing the hospital locations of patients under investigation for privacy reasons.​